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Alternative tourism

...alternative way of living!

You've had enough of crowded spots? You always seek less famous places? Would you like to feel like a local? We would like to show you the beauty of our homeland and the places we used to do activities we love.

Forgotten historic paths offering amazing ciews and isolates beauties are awaiting you!

Bike Tours

Alternative Tourism in Nafplio - Cycling

Small - Medium distances: 10 - 25 km
High level distances:30 -80 km
Advanced level: 15-25km
Multi - Pitch:roads for mountain bikes HT/FS
Starting point: Nafplio, Tolo & surrounding areas
Hot spots: Panoramic mountain views, sea, monasteries, roads through the forest, gorge, tree fields.

Walking Tours

Alternative Tourism in Nafplio - Walking

Easy level: 4 - 8km
Medium level: 10 - 15km
Advanced level: 15 - 25km
Starting point: Nafplio, Tolo & surrounding areas
Hot spots: Old monasteries, panoramic views of the Argolic gulf, hillside landscapes and mountains, isolated towers, mills, orange, lemon and olive fields.

Breathtaking Panoramas

Alternative Tourism in Nafplio - Nafplio Panorama We promise you alternative vacations, another point of view!

Holistic Natural Therapies

Alternative Tourism in Nafplio - Holistic Therapies

Our team also counts an exprerienced alternative therapist who loves working in natural enviroment and offers holistic therapies.

Pack your backpack and get ready for an alternative adventure!

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Car Rental & Travel Agency

Staikos Rent a car & Travel Agency is a family business that was found in 1977 in Nafplio Port and since then has concentrated its efforts in producing quality travel by providing car rental services, transportations, flight tickets, excursions to well-traveled destinations or remote corners of the world and much much more.